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iTechapps - IOS app development

IOS app development

Apple’s iOS platform has undergone a significant transformation since the iPhone was first released, and it continues to evolve with major releases and functional enhancements every year. iTechapps Mobile has been at the forefront of iOS software development since the very beginning, and we have continued to support many of our client’s apps through this evolution.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced at developing native iOS apps that are reliable, scalable and re-usable for enterprise level organisations. We have a deep understanding of the platform’s specifications and follow Apple’s best practice guidelines to ensure that the iOS apps we produce are the best in its class. Our team is often sought out to present at developer conferences on topics related to developing for iOS.

Android app development

Android smartphones dominate the market around the world.

Unlike iOS, the Android ecosystem is a highly fragmented environment, with many different flavours and versions of devices and operating systems created by many different hardware providers.

iTechapps Mobile has an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements and conventions of this platform, and our team is experienced in delivering Android apps that are used by millions of people. The apps we produce are designed specifically to have flexible user interfaces that can accommodate the wide variety of devices, screen sizes and resolutions, which is essential to the Android platform.

iTechapps - Android app development
iTechapps - Web Solutions

Web solution

At iTechapps Mobile, we take a user-centric approach to the design and development of all our software.

This means that we consider first and foremost how the end user will interact with our software, their needs, and how we can design apps to be the most intuitive, effective and engaging experience possible for them, while still delivering on our client’s business objectives.

Online marketing

Our in-house team of visual designers transform our client’s vision into a tangible reality. Working closely with the UX designers and developers on the project, our UI designers create beautiful and delightful user interfaces and interactions that reflect our client’s vision for their app. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure our designs comply with their corporate brand guidelines.

The iTechapps design team has won numerous awards for leading the industry in mobile app design. Our goal is to make every app we build targeted to the right audience and purpose that it serves.

iTechapps - Online marketing
iTechapps - Software Solutions

Software solution

Depending on your business requirements, iTechapps Mobile provides a range of Quality Assurance services including unit testing, user acceptance testing, volume Testing and automated testing.

Our experienced team of test analysts experts in mobile and trained to test against user requirements as well as technical requirements to ensure that our apps are of the highest quality. We follow a behaviour driven development approach and work with our clients to develop fully testable user stories and test cases as part of the delivery process.

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iTechapps - What We Propose


Our team has been trained to understand and bridge the language and cultural differences of doing business your way. We promise fast responses and availability through multiple communication channels.


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